Meet The Artists

Judith Duff

Judith Duff received her degrees in Biology and Painting from Wesleyan College in Macon, GA.  Since 1991 Judith has been a full-time studio potter in North Carolina.  She has studied throughout the United States and Japan and fires primarily with wood using her Train Kiln built in 1998.   In the fall of 2005, she built a traditional anagama kiln with Japanese potter Shozo Michikawa and student participants. She has attended the International Workshop for Ceramic Art (IWCAT) in Tokoname, Japan.  In 2004, Judith made her fourth trip to Japan where she spent two months making and firing pottery and participating in exhibitions.  That same year she received a grant from the North Carolina Arts Council to research Japanese Shino clays and glazes and attempt to duplicate them using local materials.  In 2008 she continued her research with the help of two well-known Japanese Shino potters from the Seto-Mino area, Tateki Kawaguchi and  Shotaro Hayashi.

She has served as juror for the “Feats of Clay” in Lincoln, California.  She curated the “Architectural Echoes” Exhibition at the Center for Craft, Creativity, Design, "Soft Beauty of Traditional Shinos: Momoyama Era" for Concord University, and "Quiet Inspiration: Japanese Influence on North Carolina Potters" for the North Carolina Pottery Center.  Also, Judith has served as a panelist at three International Wood Fire Conferences.

Collections include The Mint Museum, Icheon World Ceramic Center Museum, Tokoname Museum, Crocker Art Museum, Kasper-Hansen Ceramic Collection, Arkansas Art Center 

Museum, The Mary and Bruno Moser Collection, Kamm Teapot Foundation, and the Dwight Holland Collection.

Her articles have appeared in Ceramics Monthly, Studio Potter, and The Log Book, and her pottery was featured on the cover of Clay Times, a national ceramics magazine.  Judith has taught workshops throughout the United States and in Japan, Germany and Italy, including Penland, Arrowmont, Odyssey Center for Craft, Mudfire, University of Arkansas and La Meridiana. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally at juried and invitational shows including the 2001 American Shino Exhibition, Babcock Galleries, New York, the Smithsonian Craft Show, and the Mint Museum Potter's Invitational.

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Jerry Domokur

Jerry Domokur is a print artist from Akron, Ohio, and is in the collections of many NE Ohio museums. After painting since the 1950's, he began to experiment with digital media in the late 1980's. His current work deals with his impressions of the world around him through the use of a mixed of traditional and digital media.

Jerry Domokur began to create art as part of the Art Students' League in the 50's, and was heavily influenced by movements such as Abstract Expressionism. However, for many years he has worked in many medias, from painting to inks, until he began experimenting with digital imaging in the late 1980's.

Domokur was fascinated with the quality of the image both from 2 and 3D imaging discpilines, and focused upon the craft of the digital print and the abstract image, hearkening back to his earlier roots. Recently, he is reconciling traditional methods of painting with the digital image by using thermal transfers of his images to canvas, and then reworking the pieces with paints and texturing media.

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George Raeder

Having worked with wood all his life and always making things with his hands, George was smitten by the potential of the wood lathe after seeing a chance demonstration in the late 1990's by the renowned English turner, Bert Marsh.  Gaining technical ability after being essentially self-taught and studying other turners' demonstrations and techniques, he has pursued his own direction in woodturning.  Drawing upon his earlier design education, he is constantly exploring the pleasing shapes of wood for its own design potential, striving or simplicity and elegant flowing form, free of unnecessary decoration except to enhance the design or turned surfaces.

His interests vary from bowls to platter forms, closed vessels, small lidded jewelry boxes, and the sculptural treatment of any turned object.  Of particular interest to him are turnings made from locally harvested or purchased burls, and exotic woods from Australia, South America, Africa, and the Far Eas.  Bubinga, cocobolo, big leaf maple burl, and macassar ebony are his favorite exotic species.

Many of George's designs explore combinations of turned form and carved or altered surfaces to produce a tactile effect in the handling of the object or to enhance a special natural grain pattern.  The majority of his work is designed to be handled and viewed rather than used for utilitarian purposes.  He has won many awards in turning club competitions and other woodturning events and has won Best of Show for woodturning at the 2002 Great Lakes Region Wood Carvers and Woodturners Show in Cleveland, Ohio, and has been a featured artist at several exhibitions.  He has also won the Barbara Robinson Award for Excellence in Traditional Craft in the Ohio Designer Craftsmen exhibition "Best of 2010", and with his wife Patricia's work were a featured exhibition at the Canton Museum of Art in 2014.

Retiring after a long career as an Architect, George has a second career in woodturning.  He calls his business A Way With Wood, after his wife's longtime business called A Way With Clay.  He is also a past president and current member of the Northcoast Woodturning Club in Cleveland and a member of the Buckeye Woodworking and Woodturning Club in Green, Ohio.  He resides in the Akron, Ohio area. 

Shozo Michikawa

Born in Hokkaido, the most northern area of Japan, in 1953.  After graduation from Aoyama Gakuin University in 1975, he settled his base of ceramics activity in Seto, Aichi.  His exhibitions are held widely in Japan and foreign countries including the Phillipines, Mongolia, France, Belgium, Denmark, the United States, and the United Kingdom.  Follow him on Facebook and at 

Seungho Yang

Born in Korea in 1955, Seungho studied Ceramics at Dankook University in Seoul, Korea (1974-1980).  He currently has a studio in Taean, South Korea and LaBorne, France.  He has won numerous prizes and awards and has been in approximately 250 exhibitions in many countries including Korea, France, Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Poland, Lithuania, and New Zealand.  Look for him on YouTube and at  

Margaret Newton

Visiting artist for Gallery Walk October 27, 2017! Stop by for October and November Gallery Walk to see her original bronze sculptures along with her graphite and India ink drawings.